Hy2U training for Kerala/India

Submitted by Reinder on July 31, 2018 - 12:07pm

Mail correspondence in 2009 with kochurani.seuf@gmail.com . I met this lady at the Stockholm Water week in 2008.

- Dear Kochurani Mathew,

I feel moved to get your message. I felt so frustrated that I could not get the relatively small money to get you over the here and train you or your staff members in making the BathroomBox, that is the sanitation unit for household use (not meant as a communal toilet) and that I showed you as a picture. By now we could have made a dent in the problem if we had had the chance to come together.

I know so well how urgent the problem is, and it is so bad that I could not get any support, while at the same time there is so much highly paid and expensive blah blah over the need of worldwide sanitation and to prevent the death of a thousand people per day in India alone, that now die because of lacking sanitation.

Sad to say, that here in the Netherlands I also had to work alone, without funds and without any help on an irrigation project that relies on me in Guatemala. I hope to go there in a few weeks and may be able to come back end of April.

I am very eager to come to your project, possibly around May this year.

I hope some crucial conditions for rapid development can be met:

1. To get active support for adapted the design to local conditions and made ready that a first small pilot can be started up. This would be a two to three weeks job, after having created conditions to get things actually made or fabricated (workshop, yard, links to craftsmen that are responsive)

2. That the conditions that I will work for are the actual slum conditions in which millions of the poorest have to live. Only then I will fully learn to know what are the actual conditions I have to meet with my design.

4. That the season it the right one to test the Solar Sanitizer, the method of using solar heat to sterilize and dry for burning the plastic bags with human feaces. This may be a problem, as in
it is end summer and beginning South West Monsoon. Yet it may be ideal to find out if I can make Solar Sanitizing work under weather like that.

3. Last but not least, that I can introduce the toilet to become a part of locally produced products that people buy without support from government or an NGO. I feel sure that I can make the toilet cheap enough even for the poorest to buy, as it will save them the cost of medicine and sick days earning nothing. This condition for local affordability is crucial to meet, as only then rapid spread of this approach (I name it the Demotech Approach) will be realized.

Right now I cannot help you with ready made instructions for local reproduction of the BathroomBox toilet. I hope you understand, but I hope to have suggested to you an even better option.

Please let me know what your think.

Only then we will discuss from where to get funds for traveling and the relative small cost that is involved in my actual stay with you and the work that we will do. Only then it makes sense to see how you can -yes or no- fit it in into ongoing government sanitation projects.

Kind regards, and thanks again for remembering me and contacting me again. Indeed I'll give your regards to the young people you met with me.


Demotech, design for self-reliance

On Feb 12, 2009, at 11:24 AM, Kochurani Mathew wrote:

Dear Reinder,

Very long silence. Hope you remember me. We met and had good dinner with you and your team. How is work i know it will be in full swing. Do all the small friends are with you convey my loving regards.How are you ?
In kerala now the Government is willing to promote ecosan. I would like to have your sanitation units to be try here. What will be the possiblities.Canyou give the directions. i can look into the website.I would like to get the design and cost which i can show to the government officeals.If you think any other altrnatives pleace inform me.
be in touch
with regards