Cleaning up old mails with bits of info too good to delete

Submitted by Reinder on July 31, 2018 - 12:05am

Good suggestion to write something for the Source Bulletin about experiences and results of coming field projects.

From a mail send by IRC:

However, I have asked around and also contacted my colleagues in the South Asia Regional Programme to see what we could do.

`Info The following alternatives were mentioned:

- Contact the Embassy. They have a fund for small projects

- SEUF could write a project proposal to pilot working with these new tools and to include the training of staff in the budget

- More funding opportunities can be found at IRC's Donors and financing page:, you may be interested to write a short story-from-the-field article for Source Bulletin, IRC's news service featuring stories from the field.

I am sorry that we cannot do more to help you. I wish you, and all colleagues at SEUF all the best with your future activities.

kind regards,


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