A revolution in Hand Washing


More than 1.5 million children under age 5 die each year from diarrheal diseases - and many more suffer from malnutrition as a result of it.

Other hand washing tools


We learned about two devices for washing hands. One is a small tin with a long handle with a hook at the end of it. The picture shows how it hangs from the rim of a bucket filled with water. People can dip the tin in the bucket, to fill it with water and put it back in its place. The trick is the small hole in the bottom of the tin. The little stream of water that jets out of the hole can last long enoung for proper hand washing.

The impact of handwashing – Research Report


Why is domestic hygiene so important?

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The big constraint is TIME

As always during Demotech fieldwork, the big constraint is TIME. The idea is that we can teach in almost no-time. And time and again, I find that this is not the case. Yesterday late afternoon however there was again such a moment that learning and teaching was so easy. We were at a community center, close to our hotel. Mostly women attended the presentation of the Hy2U. We talked to them in a mix of Amharic and English, fragments of what we said were translated.

Warming up for this travel blog in Addis Ababa


Traveling by Ethiopian Air from Brussels to Addis was just a sleepy affair with good food and nice drinks. Arrival was made nice by being collected by a friend we learned to know the last time in Addis.

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Hy2U in action!


Only a few months after it was first conceived, one of the students who was working on the project, a girl named Julia, took the Hy2U with her to Ghana (pictures soon to follow).

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Hand Washing - Research Report

Domestic hygiene and diarrhoea - pinpointing the problem
Curtis et al 2000

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