Furaha, nururing hope and dreams

Eveline did not let slip it out of her hands, the opportunity to introduce the Hy2U in her Community Center in Humara, a poor quarter in Nairobi.

In my last visit to Humara, two weeks in which everything went wrong, there were also two great moments: the workshop at Simon's Center and a demonstration and workshop at Furaha Community Center.

There I met David Oginga, chairman of this center and amazing Eveline. Amazing as this time she saw to it that there where no constrains, there was good understandings, there was a lot of drive. But also it was the last day of my stay, there could be no follow up for this short workshop.

This afternoon I be again at the Furaha Center. Eveline has told me yesterday that she achieved quiet a bit. Hy2U's in use at a school, Hy2U-training organized for new groups, the Hy2U presented at an important exhibition.

In the coming days I'll report in this blog about all this.