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Care for Kid's cleaner hands
Welcome to get this project off the ground! Why do we do it?
That's because by now we can! We, at Demotech, designed a school kid's hand washer, we made it in Nairobi and we make and demonstrate it here in the Netherlands.

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Request from Uganda


Request are often dry and dull, not giving much details, not explaining the real local situation and for whom it is meant. Such request state there is plenty need, so send books. Then we answer -if possible- right away that Demotech does not distribute books, but has its websites and video's at YouTube. I also always ask if Demotech can help with anything they find in our websites or video's.

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Research about Hand Washing Campaigns in Peru


This article is from three years ago, just found it when archiving my mail. A sad resilt is described of large media campaigns in a few countries.

The approach with the Hy2U differs completely with what has been described below. Would that give the Hy2U a better chance to make a difference?

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Hand washing can save 2500 children's lives a day


The number of hands that need proper care and don't get it, is huge.

Furaha, nururing hope and dreams


Eveline did not let slip it out of her hands, the opportunity to introduce the Hy2U in her Community Center in Humara, a poor quarter in Nairobi.

In my last visit to Humara, two weeks in which everything went wrong, there were also two great moments: the workshop at Simon's Center and a demonstration and workshop at Furaha Community Center.

OECD/DAC guidelines

There is much to learn from one another, including by listening to - and heeding - the voices
of the poor themselves. Soort van "Learning from poverty"

WASH (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene) programme UNDP

UNDP Humand Development Report 2006

Washing hand is considered in many ways. But only with UNDP a direct link was found between sanitation/hygiene and dignity.
UNDP sees school kids as key for hygiene campaigns.

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