We will not rest until everywhere in the world, in every home, in every school,in every clinic, everyone can wash their hands with clean water. Join our mission to relate niceness and comfort to washing hands. With less illness as a result!

The number of hands that need proper care and don't get it, is huge. Is a billion hands a good guess? The World Health Organization seems to think so.

The Hy2U (Hygiene to U) campaign is an innovative approach for rapid promotion and acceptance of washing hands in poor rural and urban areas, like Ethiopia and Kenya.

The project consists of a tool for washing hands and a method for its dissemination. Instead of promoting hygiene by focusing on aspects of health, the project's focus is on comfort, niceness and fun.

Still, we are well aware of the high rate of "child-under-five mortality" being 200/1000 in Ethiopia and 120/1000 in Kenya. But for a common person in Ethiopia or Kenya it is hard to derive motivation for washing hands from the intangible concept of bacterial transmission and infection.

Therefore we focuses on simple evident advantages given by our device for washing hands: comfort, attractive personalized appearance, use of little water, low to zero cost, availability at short notice, as it can be manufactured by local crafts, or would even be fun to make in the context of primary and secondary